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Weather Updates: Hurricane Ian

Update: Friday, September 30th, 2022

The state of Florida has experienced an immensely challenging few days due to Hurricane Ian.

Thank you to the first responders, utility workers, and public officials.

We have inspected our FL campus facilities and are happy to report that we will be prepared to reopen on Monday 10/03.

All in-person classes and services will resume normal operations on Monday.


Building your student identity

Student identity is a transformation process that goes from the point of consuming information to generating it. (Smith and Hatmaker, 2015). This process involves the student being exposed to academic information and theoretical concepts that lead to new knowledge and its application. But, it has also been shown that a student who combines academic expertise with different types of professional relationships during their university experience can add other perspectives and points of view to enrich their intellectual development.


AGMU was invited by the Consulate of Colombia to join its Educational Program

AGMU was invited by the Consulate of Colombia to join its Educational Program. The primary goal of this initiative is to spread among Hispanic population the educational opportunities existing in the State of Florida to strengthen and consolidate the integration of our migrant community.


Photo caption: Members of the community organizations and universities participate in the inauguration of the Educational Program of the Consulate of Colombia. In front third from the left: Claudia Bustamante, General Consul of Colombia in Orlando.