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Pharmacy Technician

Diploma in Pharmacy Technician

The Non-Degree Program in Pharmacy Technician enables the student to assist the pharmacist in the dispatch of medication and become a valuable asset of a team. The program aspires to develop and prepare the student with the knowledge and skills to perform at a high level of competence. The student will be able to perform in various pharmacy environments such as retail, hospital, specialty, infusion, compounding, or home healthcare settings.

Employment Opportunities

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician
  • Front Counter Clerk
  • Pharmacy Cashier
  • Pharmacy Assistant

Non-Degree Program Requirements

Applicants must provide evidence of a standard high school diploma or its equivalent.
Additional requirements may apply to specific academic programs.
Further details of the admission requirements can be found in the Catalog.

*VA/Military benefits approved program.