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MBA Accounting

Master of Business Administration with specialization in Accounting

This Master’s Degree program of Business Administration is designed to provide the skills knowledge and abilities necessary in the area of Accounting. This major is geared towards the fundamental characteristics of an accounting manager providing emphasis in the accounting skills and knowledge required in today’s constant changing economy. Also, it will provide knowledge on the use of technology to communicate and handle information and it will develop and enhance the communication skills and the management capabilities of each person.

The standard Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) provides the general technical knowledge in specific areas such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing. However, it lacks on the specific technical knowledge necessary in the accounting area for the application and execution of techniques, tools, and procedures at all technical levels. It will allow the development of professional leaders and managers the accounting knowledge that will efficiently operate in the managerial and accounting area. The MBA in Accounting will provide the accounting knowledge with special interest in the areas and application of technology, innovation, management, global economy, and international affairs, among others.

The MBA in Accounting will offer courses in Finance, Management, Accounting, Marketing, and other general management functions with a more detail and specific focus or vision. Students may also choose a track in Taxation/CPA. Students on the Taxation/CPA track enhance their knowledge with advanced topics in the Certified Public Accountant exam areas. The students in this program will be able to work in current and new business focusing into the local economy as well as into the international and global economy. In addition, this program will allow the students to utilize the current technology at different management levels and will learn to apply the accounting techniques with the technology to be successful in the current dynamic and multi-cultural economy; the students will learn new technical tools that affect the local and global economy and influence the behavior of the human resources and industries.

Employment Opportunities

  • Financial Advisor
  • Auditor
  • Consultant

Please refer to the Academic Catalog for specific admission requirements for this program.

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English & Bilingual

7 Weeks



8 & 5 Weeks