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Ph.D. Social Work in Administration of Social Programs and Social Policy

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work Specialization in Administration of Social Programs and Social Policy

The program provides preparation and development for professionals in advanced social work administration practice in social change and innovation for institutions, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. The student will develop characteristics of both practitioners and scholars by applying practical solutions to large-scale social challenges that directly affect vulnerable, marginalized or otherwise disadvantaged populations. The graduate student will become an effective social change leader through rigorous inquiry and the use of methodological tools associated with leading, managing, social policy integration, innovation and change. The graduates will have competencies that would allow them to seek management or executive leadership positions that advance their careers in social work, human services, and social policymaking scenarios.

Employment Opportunities

  • Programs Director
  • Programs Supervisor
  • Programs Evaluator
  • Social Work Professor
  • Executive leadership positions

General Requirements for Admission into Doctoral Programs:

  1. The applicant must submit an official transcript, providing evidence of an earned master’s degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.30.
  2. Present an Essay.
  3. Present updated curriculum vitae or resume.

Additional requirements may apply to specific academic programs.

If the applicant is enrolling in a bilingual program, before enrolling in any course, applicant may be required to take a language proficiency assessment. Please refer to the AGMU Language Placement Protocol and the Transfer Credit Policy.

*VA/Military benefits approved program.